Version 2.1 Update

First off, I'd like to thank ArowanaPrincess from the Yuri Jam discord for bringing these issues to my attention. Thanks to their help, I fixed some minor bugs.

centered text was bugged in that it would display a textbox behind it, while the default behavior would simply show text in the middle of the screen without any images attached to it. Please place this anywhere in your files (I have placed it above the say screen as it is relevant to it)

## We need to redefine centered because the new say screen will cause the default
## centered speaker to have the textbox shown behind it.
define centered = Character(None, what_style="centered_text", window_style="centered_window", window_background=None)

Custom Line Spacing was not being reflected in font changes for the say screen. Please replace the following line:

text what id "what" kerning persistent.say_dialogue_kerning font persistent.pref_text_font size persistent.pref_text_size line_spacing persistent.pref_text_spacing

End Credits Screen could be interrupted by entering the game menu via Escape, right click, or the K key. Please place the following in the screen credits block.

## Ensure that the game_menu screens don't appear and interrupt the credits.
    key "K_ESCAPE" action NullAction()
    key "K_MENU" action NullAction()
    key "mouseup_3" action NullAction()

Thank you again for using the template!

To-Do List:

  • Find a way to exclude image captions from the renpy.count_dialogue_blocks() function
  • Find a way to make total game time displayable (related discussion thread)
  • Implement proper Achievements Screen (Official Documentation)
  • Clean up code comments for clarity
  • Update Eileen sprites to LayeredImage


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Sep 28, 2019

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