Version 2 Released!

Hello all! Here's a major update to the All-In-One GUI Template, which I have been working on for a while since the release of the Ren'Py Accessibility Add-On by minute and Caption Tool by npckc. Huge thanks to the both of them for making accessibility easier to implement in the Ren'Py visual novel engine, and for allowing me to integrate their codes into this template for general release.


  • Integrated code courtesy of minute and npckc
  • No more Lorem Ipsums! Script now explains some of the accessibility functions
  • New scrolling end credits screen that can accommodate longer entries
  • Example splash screen with animation
  • Ability to skip the splash screen and end credits after seeing them once
  • Results Screen that displays how much of the game the player has seen
  • (Hopefully) Better code comments

To-Do List:

  • Find a way to exclude image captions from the renpy.count_dialogue_blocks() function
  • Find a way to make total game time displayable (related discussion thread)
  • Implement proper Achievements Screen
  • Clean up code comments for clarity

I hope that this will be of use in the upcoming Yuri, Bara, and Spooktober Visual Novel Jams ;)


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Sep 19, 2019

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I’m so happy I found this! Thank you so so much!! I’ll use it for sure in my game :)))