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To the Fullest! is a short game about life. A short life. One week in fact, and you get to live it however you want!

As a homage to one of the levels of the Super Nintendo classic, Soul Blazer, you are a small, magical, gnome-like creature, with only a very short time to live. You get to decide how to live this life to the fullest, and pursue the goals you want to pursue, so that you can make every day matter. Do you wish to devote your time building a family? Build a successful business? Run for mayor? Be a hedonist? Write a dissertation on the futility of only living for one week? You can do all of these things, any combination of them, and more not described here!

The clock is real though, and choices and dialogue will flow in real time! You can’t do everything, and life doesn’t wait for you. You’ll have to prioritize your choices, move fast on opportunities, and sometimes, you might have to just take it easy and wait for it to come to you. But don’t feel rushed; you’ve got your whole life ahead of you!



Writing - Kawaiithulu

Art - Sexbomb [deviantArt] [tumblr]

Programming -  BáiYù [twitter]


To The Fullest! is a WIP game made for NaNoRenO2018. The project is still in early development. Upon completion, it'll be PWYW with a minimum price of $0.


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Will this be made available on Windows?

As it's being developed in Ren'Py, the game will be available for Win, Mac, and Linux OSes by default. Thank you for your interest!