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the binder part caught me by suprise-- :)



i don't know where the download link is sksks

there isn't a download link, its just in browser. at the top where it says calculus blah blah, the bold lines are choices you can make… i think

oH okay ty


"I'm leaving my binder on if that's okay" it is nOT OKAY BABY THATS DANGEROUS 


I can't get past the lunch? I don't know why,

Hi! Sorry I haven't been answering any of the comments, I've been busy. Keep in mind that the current version here is a WIP and I'm working on finishing it soon! Thank you for being patient m( _ _)m


Why can't I play it ? :( I don't see the link or the button anywhere ! Damn it...

i played this game literally undo-ing all the time

soo fucking hilarious u should continue w/ it <3 <3 :p


Is the demo no longer available...? Can't find the link to try it out... :(

this was so fucking funny i love i love FUCK so good my friend


This is a cute game and I'm really looking forward to later versions. c:

This is maybe a weird thing to compliment in a Twine game, but it looks very nice - the color palette goes really nicely together and the text is large and dark enough to be easily readable. I would suggest changing the hover-over and already-clicked link colors to fit more in with the other colors (e.g. to the color of the links on the page), but it's not a big deal.

Thank you so much for trying out the current version I put out! I'll be working on finishing it within the next two weeks, so please look forward to it. And I'll figure out how to adjust the colors for the links. Accessibility is a big thing for me, so I wanted to make sure that the page wouldn't cause eyestrain to readers. I'm very glad that it worked!

Thank you again!

is this the full game? :0

did something happen to the demo? theres no music and its uh... very short? i would love to read more of this story